An extraordinary journey in the whim, imagined as a soundtrack of movie. This album contains some themes, declined in several different versions. A unique experience based on the “Heroic-Fantasy” universe…


  1. Tales of Walgraffe
  2. The Storyteller
  3. An Altered Version of Reality
  4. Landscape Over the Castle
  5. Driving Horses Over the Fields
  6. Welcome to Nottoh
  7. Way to the Castle
  8. Bubbly Train
  9. Bagpipe Me That
  10. Small Paradise
  11. Cloudy Day
  12. Through the Woods
  13. The Wedding Song
  14. My Love Lives in Nottoh
  15. Oddities
  16. Alone With the White Horse
  17. My Little Castle
  18. Taking Position
  19. Leave This Place
  20. Fire Before Leaving
  21. Goodbye Homeland
  22. Free


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