Discover a magical world where you can escape from yourself and live your own stories. Become a hero and fly on the back of Hybrid Violon. Enjoy an extraordinary musical atmosphere with 36 tracks and more than 2 hours of intense pleasure.


Disc 1:

  1. Welcome To Magaya
  2. Becoming Magaian
  3. Trip Into The Jungle
  4. Train The Fighters
  5. The Way of Peace
  6. The Passion Box
  7. Exploring Magaya’s Mountains
  8. Magaya
  9. The Unholy
  10. For Florentia’s Love
  11. Sink Into The Magical
  12. Celebration of Life
  13. The First Encounter With The Beasts
  14. Release The Black Horses
  15. The First Magaian To Fall
  16. Believe in Our Brotherhood
  17. Take Up Arms


Disc 2:

  1. Flight on A Hybrid Violon
  2. Valley At Night
  3. Swim Over The Clouds
  4. Discovering The Past
  5. The Magaya’s Anthem
  6. This is The Real Magaian Treasure
  7. Mormo
  8. Voices of Nature
  9. That’s Just Thugs…
  10. Let Them Go
  11. Final Preparations
  12. Walking in The Fields a Last Time
  13. Ready for The Battle
  14. The Revenge
  15. It’s The End of Our Land
  16. The End
  17. Rebuild Our Brotherhood
  18. Magaya (2009 Version)
  19. Mormo (2009 Version)


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